Yukata rental set contents

The contents of the yukata rental set are as follows.

Yukata Rental Osaka Namba - Women's Yukata Rental Plan
Women's yukata set contents

Yukata, obi, clogs, 2 obi cords, datejime, obi plate
(You can also choose an Preformed obi for easy attachment.)

Yukata Rental Osaka Namba - Men's Yukata Rental Plan
Men's yukata set contents

Yukata, obi, clogs, 2 obi cords
(You can also choose an Preformed obi for easy attachment.)

We do not have a yukata dressing service on special days.
Thank you for your understanding when using it on a special day.

Over 200 men's yukatas and over 50 women's yukatas are available. We have a large inventory that can handle events such as fireworks displays and festivals that are crowded.

Yukata rental price

The rental price of the basic yukata set is as follows.
It is also possible to rent for several days with an additional night charge.
(In the reservation form, a quote will be automatically calculated according to the reservation details.)

Return by 19:30 the next day

Yukata Rental Take-out Plan

A plan to take out a yukata set for women or men and return it by 19:30 the next day. (It is also possible to return it on the same day.)

1 set¥5,000(tax included ¥5,500)

Deposit for rental yukata

1 Yukata set¥10,000

When renting a yukata, the above deposit will be collected separately from the plan fee.。 The yukata rental deposit will be refunded to the person who returned the yukata to the store if there was no damage or stains when the yukata was returned.

Extra night fee(returned after hours)

1 night extension¥2,000(¥2,200 tax included )

If it is difficult to return the bicycle by the return time (19:30) on the return date, an extension fee will be charged.

Optional items

Optional items such as underwear, bags, folding fans, heko-obi, obi-jime.
*Changes to the belt are free of charge.

1 item from ¥500(from ¥550 tax included)

Flow of yukata rental

Explanation of the simple flow of Yukata rental.


Please send your reservation details from the "Reservation" page of this site.

*If the rental start date is within 7 days, it is possible to make a reservation by specifying a yukata from some of the products posted on this site.(Excluding special days)

Confirmation of reservation

Our staff will check your reservation details and send you a reply confirming your reservation. At this point, your reservation will be confirmed.

*We may not be able to accommodate your request for a yukata for some of the products listed on this site due to reasons such as being in the middle of being rented or being cleaned. In that case, we will inform you by reply mail.

The day of your visit

Please come to the reception desk on the 3rd floor at the time you booked.

[If you make a reservation with a yukata specified]

We will give you the designated yukata that we have prepared in advance.

[If you make a reservation by selecting from the store inventory]

Please choose what you like from the inventory in the store.(It may take some time to prepare. Please allow extra time in your schedule.)

You can choose cash or various payment methods to pay for the yukata rental fee.
(Rental deposits are accepted in cash only.)

Yukata rental payment method 1
Yukata rental payment method 2

About returning Yukata

Please return the yukata set (including optional items). You don't need to wash it, so please return it as it is.

Our staff will check the returned items on the spot, and if there are no damages, stains, missing items, or extended stays, we will refund the deposit in full.
(Please note that the rental deposit will be refunded to those who come to return it.)

Return is until 19:30. If it is too late, it will be treated as returned the next day and an extension fee will be charged. Please be careful.
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